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System of systems

For system of systems, integration is even more confronting!

System of Systems Integration: Special Track SOSE 2020

Systems or system of systems integration is a major challenge across many disciplines, with a large number of technical, project, organisational or environmental problems occurring as a result of improper integration. The system of systems integration session in SoSE 2020 highlights the scope of the challenges facing systems integration and focuses on the incorporation of both technical and non-technical domains in systems integration. Humans, systems, system of systems and the environment, as well as the interactions among them, significantly contribute to the proper integration of systems.

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Systems of Systems Engineering Body of Knowledge (SoSEBoK)

The post reviews the article on Systems of Systems (SoS) that was published in Systems Engineering Body of Knowledge (SEBoK) v. 1.9.1, released on 16th October 2018 available here. The article covers major topics related to SoS, be it the defining of SoS, its characterizations, types, application domains or standards. However, few areas have been identified within the article, improvement of which will help in improved knowledge sharing among the academic community. Furthermore, the suggestions are proposed with a mindset to facilitate knowledge sharing of not only explicit but also tacit knowledge among multiple stakeholders, where the latter is usually regarded as a key to success of any organizations (Fengjie, Fei, & Xin, 2004) and results in higher innovation quality and operational performance (Wang & Wang, 2012). Read More »Systems of Systems Engineering Body of Knowledge (SoSEBoK)