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System of Systems Integration: Special Track SOSE 2020

Systems or system of systems integration is a major challenge across many disciplines, with a large number of technical, project, organisational or environmental problems occurring as a result of improper integration. The system of systems integration session in SoSE 2020 highlights the scope of the challenges facing systems integration and focuses on the incorporation of both technical and non-technical domains in systems integration. Humans, systems, system of systems and the environment, as well as the interactions among them, significantly contribute to the proper integration of systems.

This special session includes but not limited to the following subjects.

  • Sociotechnical systems integration and architecture
  • The role of system governance, policy and regulations on SoS integration
  • Decision support tools for system of systems integration
  • Management of interfaces for system design and engineering
  • Modeling dynamic behavior for system design and engineering
  • Modeling and consolidating quality attributes for system design and engineering
  • System of systems integration challenges across industries
  • Systems integration across the full system lifecycle
  • Engineering and management of requirements for SoS integration
  • Best practices for systems integration
  • Lessons learned from the systems integration failure

Submission deadline: 1, March 2020

Organizer: Dr. Mohammad Rajabali Nejad, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering Technology, University of Twente, Enschede, the Netherlands.

You can see the call for papers here