Introduction Yawar Abbas

Greeting everyone, I am Yawar Abbas and have recently completed my master’s degree in mechanical engineering with specialization in maintenance engineering and operations from University of Twente. I am a determined person who likes to challenge himself and is always looking to avail new opportunities. As the famous proverb goes “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”. This simple and extremely effective proverb has motivated me over the years, led me toplaces I could have hardly imagined and enriched me with experiences and knowledge that defines my personality today.

I have been fortunate to have learnt from professionals from various backgrounds and diverse cultures. Over the years I have worked on several multidisciplinary projects and did two technical internships. During these internships, I realized the importance of innovative design skills along with the technical knowledge and research that are needed to solve real life problems. Solving practical world problems requires certain traits embedded in one’s personality and that’s whatmotivated me to commence the master’s design honors program on top of my current master’scurriculum. This program has equipped me with design tools and design skills needed to solve a critical real-life problem.

I recently completed my master’s thesis at the Dutch Railways (NS), where I worked with a teamof five people to optimize maintenance data management by developing a blockchain based application. The developed solution validates improvement in the trust and transparency among multiple stakeholders on the quality of performed maintenance operations, a classic problem in multi-party maintenance data management scenarios. Being a scholarship student for the entireperiod of my bachelor’s and master’s studies I understand the dynamics of time management andthe totality of passion and commitment required to be successful.

The PhD position on the topic of system integration for railway advancement provides me an opportunity to enhance my technical knowledge even further and contribute my part to society by working on a system integration problem in rail transport sector. I believe the findings of this research can go a long way and provide much needed clarity on procedures and techniques needed for proper integration in the complex, dynamic, and multi stakeholder environment for the rail sector. It goes of course without saying that this position also provides me the unique opportunity to work and under the kind supervision of some the best experts in the field. I commence my PhD by accepting this new challenge and fully devote myself for the uphill task. Thank you for your attention.

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