Introduction Nina Jakubeit

My name is Nina and on November 1st I started as a PhD candidate at the University of Twente participating in the SIRA project (System Integration of Railway Advancement). As part of the project I will work together with ProRail, NS and the University of Twente to develop a platform for resolving the integration challenges for the railways in the Netherlands. My research will focus on designing a decision support tool that supports stakeholders in making well-informed decisions. I am especially looking forward to work in such a multidisciplinary setting and collaborate with the key stakeholders from NS and ProRail. Moreover, being part of such a huge project, which requires to simultaneously work on the decision support framework and co-operating with my colleagues on the design of the platform, is a challenge in its own rights that I am eager to accomplish.

About myself; I followed my bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes at the University of Twente. My bachelor’s programme in International Business Administration taught me the importance of understanding stakeholder needs on a behavioral/cultural level. Afterwards, I followed the master’s programme Industrial Engineering & Management, where I acquired problem-solving skills and got taught in model-based approaches. During my dissertation I worked on the topic Asset Life Cycle Management, where I designed and applied an asset decision-making tool at a case company. Hence, I already have experience with decision support frameworks and am looking forward to deepen my knowledge in this field. Since I enjoyed working on my thesis, I decided that pursuing a PhD will be the right career path for me. Generally, I am an open and curious person, who enjoys meeting new people and getting to know new cultures. I am confident that this will also facilitate the collaboration during the course of this project.

I am looking forward to meeting you all as part of the SIRA project.

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