2 PHD Positions on Systems Integration

Europe aims to develop an efficient transportation system with less congestion and fewer emission to keep its competitor advantages. The main goals for Europe are sustainable fuel systems with optimized performances across the whole life-cycle which is flexible to act based on market-incentives.

For a competitive transport system, Europe must improve its rail transport. The main goal here is to achieve an interoperable rail transport for Europe where proper integration of the available infrastructures is indispensable. This project offers you a position to contribute to these visionary goals. The prime objective for this research is to conduct scientific research on integration beyond the combination of system elements. The research focuses on design challenges for multi-disciplinary design methods and management systems. The outcome will contribute to address the societal challenges, economic trends and industry needs for public transport and intelligent Traffic Systems.

With the support of industrial partners, you researcher will engaged with real challenges for integration in the complex, dynamic, and multi stakeholder environment for the rail sector. You will be able to develop theories and test them on cases including the European Rail Traffic Management Systems (ERTMS). This research starts with development of technological platforms that support integration in system of systems. For this purpose, Model Based Systems Engineering is a fundamental technology enabler that we utilize to build our framework. In order to make interoperable systems, not only hardware and software but also human factors and culture play roles. Review of the best practices, incorporation of regulations, and integration policy are among the tasks foreseen for this study. The project aims to design and construct a framework that co-engineers integration in early project lifecycle for achieving best performances at the system level.

This project is the result of collaboration between University of Twente (UT), ProRail, Dutch Railways (NS) and High Tech Materials and Systems (HTSM). You will work in this project with other team members. You will be able to present or publish your results at international scientific conferences and journals. In the course of your research you will have the possibility to tutor MSc students who do their final assignment on sub projects pertaining to your research.

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