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Postdoc position on model driven systems integration

Europe aims to develop an efficient transportation system with less congestion and fewer emission. For a competitive transport system, Europe is investing on its rail transport targeting an interoperable system for which proper integration of the available infrastructures is indispensable. The project offers you a position to contribute to these forward-thinking goals.

The prime objective for this project is building a web-based integration platform for rail-ways. You have the opportunity to participate in leadership and engaged with integration of the outcomes of four PhD research projects dealing with socio-technical pillars of engineered systems. You will contribute to address one of the essential societal challenges for integration of new technologies with the operating transportation platforms.

The project requires a web-based platform which is able to properly store, effectively share, and optimally use the available knowledge for decision-making purposes. Your task primarily aims to design and construct the platform and to co-engineer integration in early project lifecycle for achieving optimal system performances. With the support of industrial partners, you deal with real challenges in the complex, dynamic, and multi partner environment of the rail sector, and you will be able to continuously test the model in the industrial context and improve the outcome. This project is the result of collaboration between University of Twente, ProRail, Netherlands Railways, and High Tech Materials and Systems (HTSM). You will be able to present or publish your results at international conferences and journals. You will have the possibility to lead master students who do their final assignment on sub projects pertaining to your research.


You have experience in model driven approaches, web-developing technologies, user interface design, and co-engineering practices. Prior knowledge and experience in system and software engineering, system safety practices or implementation of safety standards is a plus. We welcome strong communication skills and interests for sharing knowledge, presenting at conferences and (project) meetings, and publication in peer-reviewed journals. Fluency in English is required, both spoken and written. Fluency in Dutch is an advantage.The PhD project will be executed at the faculty of Engineering Technology under the Design, Production and Management (DPM) department, a team of approximately 65 academics and PhD’s which deal with the topics including but not limited to Human-Centered Design, Integrated Life Cycle Management, Multidisciplinary System Design and Maintenance. Prof. Leo van Dongen holds the chair of maintenance, and this research will be carried out under the supervision of Dr. Mohammad Rajabali Nejad. For more information please visit here.