PhD Position: Integration of Human and Machine data for safety

The main goal of this research is to develop and use models for integration of human and sensorial data in order to improve safety for the rail transportation. The researcher will use the generated data from the work floor, operators or experts, channel this information stream, identify the needs for sensory data through scenarios or serious gaming for architecting a framework for supporting safety-related decisions. This demands looking into safety considerations across the full life-cycle, setting proper requirements, and design to improve safety, clarify implementation consequences and explain about the expected outcome from your results. For more information see the vacancy

PhD position: System Integration for Rail Transportation

The main goal of this research is to conduct scientific research on the integration process beyond the combination of system elements with special focus on safety. The researcher will work in a multi-stakeholder environment that continuously demands for improving the performances and strives for perfection across Europe. Here integration appears across the full life-cycle from understanding needs, setting proper requirements, design, smooth implementation, operation and disposal. Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) is a fundamental technology enabler for accommodating the needs for management of capital assets or digital information. For more information see the vacancy.